Ember.js: Octane Edition is Here #Silicon Valley

2 months ago
Ember.js: Octane Edition is Here

Ember 3.15 is Octane! Curious what Octane means for web development? This blog post will get you oriented. For a write up of the technical details (upgrade strategies, deprecations, new Ember Data features) see the Ember 3.15 Release blog post. What is Ember Octane? Ember Octane is the best way for teams to build ambitious web applications. Ember has always focused on building the best framework that people with different levels of skill can use together to build web applications. Octane updates Ember’s components and reactivity system to make them more modern, easier to use, and just more fun. The Ember Project Recommends Octane As of Ember 3.15, the Ember project recommends Octane for new applications and addons. If you create a new app using ember new with 3.15 or later, you will get a new Octane application. Octane is More Fun The Ember Octane edition is, first and foremost,…

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