Build in-demand skills in Northwestern’s online MS in Information Design

Build in-demand skills in Northwestern’s online MS in Information Design

Today we’re launching the 30th release of Adobe XD — XD 30 is packed with new features across our platform, with new ways to design, prototype, and collaborate. We’re also adding language support for Italian and Russian in XD, in addition to the eight other languages we support. We are so appreciative of our community, many of whom have been with XD since the very beginning more than two and a half years ago. Update to XD 30 in the Creative Cloud application to get started or you can download XD. We also recently shared that the Adobe Fund for Design will now issue grants for commissioned technical projects, like developing plugins for XD. Check out our announcement blog post to learn more and see the list of open projects here on Trello. Let’s explore what’s new! New ways to design and prototype in XD At its core, XD is a fast, powerful, and easy-to-use tool for UI/UX design. Our team thoughtfully designs features that get out of your way and enable you to do your best work. XD’s features save you time, automate routine tasks, and let you focus on the most impactful work. Stacks Stacks are a new way to work with groups and components in XD. Similar to Flexbox in CSS, Stacks are columns or rows of objects with set spacing between them. As you add, remove, reorder, or resize objects in a stack, all the other objects automatically adjust, maintaining the spacing as you change your designs. When you create a stack, XD detects the direction of your stack (vertical or horizontal). You can adjust spacing between objects right on the canvas, either distributing objects evenly or not. No more tedious adjustments when designing common UI elements like cards, dropdowns, navigations, and modals. If you’re working with a design system, Stacks, along with other Content-Aware Layout features like Responsive Resize and Padding, make your components flexible and dynamic. Simply grab a component from your design system and customize it – change text, add or remove objects, or reorder objects – without having to reconstruct the component every time. Scroll Groups Scroll Groups make your prototypes behave like live websites and apps. Now, you can make parts of your designs scroll for designing feeds, lists, carousels, galleries, and more. We’re so excited to deliver Scroll Groups as part of this release as it’s one of our most-requested features on the Adobe XD UserVoice. You can turn any part of your design into a Scroll Group and set it to scroll vertically, horizontally, or in both directions. When you create a Scroll Group, you’ll see blue handles on the canvas that you can use to adjust the visible scroll area. When you preview the prototype on your desktop or share a prototype link, you’ll be able to scroll through the designated area. You can learn how to work with Stacks and Scroll Groups on Let’s XD and download this demo file created by the team at Impekable to explore how these features work on your own. New ways to collaborate and work with developers More than just a design tool, XD is a platform for design collaboration.  » Read More

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