13 Firefox Browser Extensions to Make Remote Work a Little Better

If you are newly working or going to school from home, the remote approach can be a big shift in how to get things done. Firefox has a number of browser extensions that might help make the #WFH transition a little easier and more productive. Organize your tabs If your work typically means having a large number of open tabs for documents, spreadsheets, sites, etc, tab organizers are here for you. These three popular tab extensions offer uniquely creative ways to re-think and reorganize tabs: Tree Style Tab: Collect and nest your tabs into tree-style groups that can be branched and collapsed to keep your browser window tidy. Simple Tab Groups: Group your tabs together in collections you create that stay hidden — rather than cluttering your browser window — until you want them. Tabby: Manage multiple browser windows and tabs easily. This extension can help you open, close, move, pin, and do many other things on tabs and windows quickly. You can even save all your windows and tabs for later with just one click. || More tips for tab management || Bookmark better Bookmarks are links to web pages that make it easy to get back to your favorite places. To bookmark a page, just click on the star in the address bar. The star will turn blue when the page is bookmarked and a window will pop up so you can name, move or tag your bookmark. [Read more about Firefox browser bookmarks.] These two Firefox browser extensions can help you be a better bookmark. Default Bookmark Folder provides a simple way to save web pages to various bookmark folders. Keep your work and personal content conveniently separated. Private Bookmarks comes in handy if you want to organize quick access to sensitive information in your browser. || How to switch from Google Chrome to Firefox and bring your bookmarks along. || Bonus tip: If you work on more than one computer, a Firefox Account lets you sync your data and preferences (such as your bookmarks, history, passwords, open tabs and installed add-ons) across all your devices. Make quick corrections As you work from home, you’ll naturally communicate even more through email, chat systems, digital docs and other online channels. LanguageTool automatically checks for spelling and grammar mistakes anywhere you write on the web and suggests edits in 25 languages. Put your mouse to work Have you ever tried customizing mouse gestures (which are movements you define for your mouse to do a specific thing) for more navigation mobility and efficiency? Move swiftly through pages using powerful features like “grab ‘n drag” and “momentum scroll.” Here are three excellent mouse gesture extensions—each with distinct strengths: Gesturefy: Navigate, operate and browse faster with mouse gestures with this customizable mouse gesture extension with a variety of different commands. ScrollAnywhere: Drag your scrollbar with your middle (or right / left) mouse button without actually touching a scrollbar. You can also change the behavior to “grab and drag” style. FoxyGestures: Design movements for your mouse to handle many browser tasks using the gesture library or define your own. Go easy on your eyes If the constant bright glare of the computer screen is fatiguing your eyes,  » Read More

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