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As 2019 comes to a close, we here at Emojipedia have been reflecting on all the emoji updates that took place throughout the year.We’ve seen long-request designs such as white heart and flamingo be introduced to all major vendors.Gender neutral people were made the default appearance for many emojis starting on Android. A bunch of additional gender inclusive emojis also came to iOS in the past few months, and the world didn’t collapse as a result.So with all that in mind, what else happened in the world of emojis this year?Two infamous new emojis added in 2019 were the 🥱 Yawning Face and the 🤏 Pinching Hand.Above: the new 🥱 Yawning Face emoji as it appears across various vendors.Above: the new 🤏 Pinching Hand emoji as it appears across various vendors when sent without a skin tone modifier.A total of 25 emoji releases were added to Emojipedia throughout the year across 9 different active emoji vendors. Of these updates, 14 included the introduction of brand-new emojis from the Unicode Consortium’s two official emoji recommendations this year, as well as a couple of new emojis not yet recommended for general interchange (RGI) by Unicode.The year’s first major emoji update from Unicode, Emoji 12.0, was released by in March 2019. It recommended 230 new emojis, all of which can be seen in their Google designs in the image below.Above: New Emoji 12.0 emojis added in Android 10 in September 2019. Image: Google designs / Emojipedia composite.Following a proposal by Google in early March, Unicode also recommended another 168 new emojis in October 2019: Emoji 12.1.These additional emojis provided a gender neutral option for existing profession and identity-focused people emojis (e.g. 🧑‍⚖️ Judge and 🧑‍🦰 Person: Red Hair), as well as expanding the skin tone combinations available for the holding hands emojis introduced in Emoji 12.0.At the time of writing only Apple support Emoji 12.1, with Apple releasing both Emoji 12.0 and Emoji 12.1 updates simultaneously in October via iOS 13.2. Apple’s designs for both updates are shown below.Above: All 398 new emojis brought to iOS devices in 2019. Image: Apple designs / Emojipedia composite.The release of the new Emoji 12.0 designs throughout the year enfolded as follows:Having already compared the 🥱 Yawning Face and 🤏 Pinching Hand, further highlights from Emoji 12.0 are shown below. First, the new 🤍 White Heart.🦩 Flamingo had also been a popular request for a number of years.The biggest new set of additions from early 2019’s Emoji 12.0 was the introduction of various people holding hands with one another, such as the non-gender-specifying 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 People Holding Hands emoji shown below.71 of the 230 new emojis in Emoji 12.0 – roughly 31% – featured some combinations of one or two 👩 Woman emojis, one or two 👨 Man emojis, or two 🧑 Person emojis. All of the existing skin tone modifiers options are available for each of the people holding hands: for example, the 👩🏿‍🤝‍👩🏼 Women Holding Hands: Dark Skin Tone, Medium-Light Skin Tone emoji shown below shows one 👩 Woman modified by the 🏿 Dark Skin Tone and the other modified using the 🏼 Medium-Light Skin Tone.Emoji 12.0 also featured a selection of new emojis intended to represent a selection of differently-abled people. One such new emojis is the 🦾 Mechanical Arm.Others new accessibility-focused emojis include 🧏 Deaf Person, 🦻 Ear With Hearing Aid and 🦮 Guide Dog.In the Animals & Nature category, the new 🦧 Orangutan has received a very positive response, though that may due to Apple’s version resembling a certain meme.🦦 Otter has also received a strong response for both its cuteness and its…

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