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Stéphanie Walter Senior UX Designer – Mobile Expert Senior UX Designer. Mobile Expert. Public speaker. Blog writer. Google Dev Expert Product Design (GDE) Follow on Twitter I get asked quite often for book recommendations on different design related topics. I finally found a little bit of time to go through my list of ebooks and paper books and picked a few ones. I ordered the list in different categories to help you go through. Those are the books written in English I read and can truly recommend. (there’s a few more books but I will put them on the French version of the site). Note that I still haven’t read half of the books I bought, so stay tuned, I will try to update the list more often. Understanding & selling User eXperience Just Enough Research – Erika Hall A nice introduction to different methods of user research, from the basics to process, competitive research, evaluative research, etc. Like most A Book Apart books, a lot of information is packed in this one. You will want to keep it close to your desk for future reference. Where to find it: A book Apart The User Experience Team of One: A Research and Design Survival Guide – Leah Buley I started my career as the “only UX designer in the team” and this book was really helpful. The book is split in 2 parts: philosophy (building principles, attitude, perspective) and practice (methods, techniques, tips and tricks). The first part concentrates on helping you sell UX to the company. The second one presents different UX methods and tools to help you build user centric products. Both parts are equally useful depending on where you work and where you are in your career. Where to find it: Rosenfeld Media – Amazon User Experience Revolution – Paul Boag This is a nice complement to Leah Buley’s book and will help you “sell” UX process within a company. This is a step by step battle plan to help you build a UX revolution and place users at the heart of your organization, from understanding it, selling the benefits, to customer experience evangelisation, getting managerial support, establishing best practices and more. Where to find it: – Amazon UX for Beginners: A Crash Course in 100 Short Lessons – Joel Marsh I love the duck on the cover and this is a nice introduction to the different aspects of UX design. It covers a LOT of topics so you won’t go deep into each one, but it’s a nice book for beginners to grasp the different concepts and decide what they want to dig into more later. It’s full of illustrations though so I would advise to get a paper version or to read it on a tablet but not on kindle. Where to find it: Amazon UX Design & UX Research methods “Don’t make me think” + “Rocket Surgery Made Easy” – Steve Krug Steven Krug can be considered as the godfather or usability. Those 2 books are classics to read on usability and user testing. They are a little bit “dated”, but still provide a nice base for the discipline. Where to find it: Don’t make me think: Author’s page –  Amazon | Rocket Surgery Made Easy: Author’s page – Amazon Interviewing for research: a pocket guide to design research – Andrew Travers Want to learn how to conduct user research and interviews? This is a small free 60 pages quick field guide to help you get started: recruitment, preparation, conducting the interview, documentation and synthesis. Also the book is available for free on…

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