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A collection of hand-picked Sass style guides. HTML / CSS Style Guides JavaScript Style Guides React Style Guides Date 2019 Author Hugo Giraudel About a style guide Sass Guidelines An opinionated styleguide for writing sane, maintainable and scalable Sass. The Sass Guidelines project has been translated into several languages by generous contributors. Open the options panel to switch. Date 2015 Author Tommy Coppers About a style guide The Ultimate Sass Style Guide The root of a code style is about authorship and presentation rather than function and performance. A considerable amount of time goes into developing a style. Sometimes an engineer will seek out guides, memorize patterns, and write love songs about their beloved methodology. Others might just happen upon their own way of doing things based off of years (or minutes) of developing and organizational preferences. But if styles are purely aesthetic, why do we get so upset when someone disagrees with how we’ve written our code? Date 2015 Author BigCommerce About a style guide Sass Coding Guidelines Bigcommerce uses Sass for style generation. Bigcommerce’s naming conventions are heavily influenced by the SUIT CSS framework and align closely to Medium’s thoughts on CSS. Which is to say, it relies on structured class names and meaningful hyphens (i.e., not using hyphens merely to separate words). This helps to work around the current limits of applying CSS to the DOM (i.e., the lack of style encapsulation), and to better communicate the relationships between classes. Date 2013 Author Chris Coyier About a style guide Sass Style Guide With more people than ever writing in Sass, it bears some consideration how we format it. CSS style guides are common, so perhaps we can extend those to cover choices unique to Sass. Here are some ideas that I’ve been gravitating toward. Perhaps they are useful to you or help you formulate ideas of your own. If you’re looking for more examples, Sass Guidelines is another good place to look. Date 2015 Author Matias Hernandez About a style guide Sass Style Guide: A Sass Tutorial on How to Write Better CSS Code Writing consistent and readable CSS that will scale well is a challenging process. Especially when the style sheets are getting larger, more complex, and harder to maintain. One of the tools available to developers to write better CSS are preprocessors. A preprocessor is a program that takes one type of data and converts it to another type of data, and in our case CSS preprocessors are preprocessing languages which are compiled to CSS. There are many CSS preprocessors that front-end developers are recommending and using, but in this article we will focus on Sass. Let’s see what Sass has to offer, why it is a preferable choice over other CSS preprocessors, and how to start using it in the best way. URL Out – – freefrontend.comDate – 2019-10-08 15:54:41

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