Safari Riot

Safari Riot awwwards.com2 years ago in #Design Love50

Design Usability Creativity Content Sound Music for the Wild. Human, music, future, experiences. Screenshots Jury votes Comments Freelance Designer & Art Director Interactive Art Director at Digital Design Agency ANGLE2 Creative Director / Interactive Designer & Developer Freelance Art Director and Digital Designer Creative Director at MediaMonks Buenos Aires Lead Designer at Geex Arts Elephant – Design Lead, Art Product Designer at Canva Founder and UX Director at Carter Digital Freelancer Front End Developer Family Agency — Senior Designer Self-Employed Designer, Strategist & Entrepreneur Art Director at Awwwards Users – Pro and Chief Creative Developer at Hello Monday Freelance creative developer Freelancer Creative Developer Eric Van Holtz from United States Grayson Sanders from United States Daniel Velasquez from United States Jerry Yeh from United States 113 Collect From Belgium July 2, 2020 138 Collect From Netherlands July 1, 2020 78 Collect From France June 30,  » Read More

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