Review Signal Publishes WordPress Hosting Benchmarks for 2020, Introduces WooCommerce Testing

Review Signal Publishes WordPress Hosting Benchmarks for 2020, Introduces WooCommerce Testing wptavern.com2 years ago in #Web Design Love30

Review Signal founder Kevin Ohashi has published the site’s annual WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks for 2020, along with a smaller set of benchmarks for WooCommerce hosting. For the past seven years Ohashi has been using sentiment analysis to capture consumer reviews of hosting companies on Twitter. He also performs a set of tests to measure peak performance and consistency for WordPress hosts. The testing started as a bet that Ohashi took from an executive at GoDaddy who claimed the company’s platform was as good, in terms of performance, as any other on the market at that time. “I didn’t believe him and asked if he would put his money where his mouth was (figuratively, there were no costs associated with the early tests because I had free load testing tools/load testing sponsors),” Ohashi said. “He agreed and sure enough they were on equal footing performance wise at the time. The reaction was pretty immediate and companies all wanted to participate. That level of excitement I got from people in providing objective testing in an industry full of marketing speak and affiliate spam was fulfilling.”  The benchmarks are focused purely on performance, as Review Signal does not test companies’ support, features, or any other aspect of their products. Almost all the major hosting companies are included in Ohashi’s tests (29 companies with 31 brands) with a few notable exceptions. Kinsta declined to participate this year because they were doing a major platform upgrade and didn’t want to have their old systems benchmarked. WP Engine and Liquid Web did not offer any reasons for declining. The results are divided up into six tiers of hosts ranging from less than $25/month to $500 enterprise hosting. The top scores for 2020 in the budget tier include A2 Hosting, GoDaddy, HighAvailability, LightningBase, Raidboxes, SiteGround and WPX Hosting. Ohashi publishes an individual analysis for all hosts participating, which often includes comparisons from the previous year. In the enterprise hosting bracket, Review Signal ranked all tested companies as having “earned Top Tier status.” Almost none of the data points significantly differentiated any of the products. All companies had perfect or near-perfect uptime. Flywheel scored the fastest WebPageTest average response time. VIP showed the fastest peak average response time on Load Impact. Servebolt ranked the highest in the WPPerformanceTester results as the fastest on both PHP and WP Bench, as well as scoring the fastest average response time on Load Storm. Review Signal Introduces WooCommerce Hosting Performance Benchmarks for 2020 This is the first year that Ohashi has tested WooCommerce hosting products. Only seven companies are included but he hopes to add more as the word gets out. “Since this was the first year I tried to do this, I offered a lot of different options to companies,” Ohashi said. “I had three different price tiers and three different site options: 1 basic site, basic site  high product count site, basic site  high product site  heavy theme/plugin site. The only combination of them that had enough companies interested to make it worthwhile was 1 basic site with hosting plans costing under $100 per month.” Ohashi said he got as many companies on board as possible under the most popular option for this first round of benchmarks. “I would love to see deeper testing done, but that also means cooperation from the companies too,” he said. The WooCommerce performance benchmarks mimic the WordPress tests with one major change in Load Storm.  » Read More

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