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A whole set of tough construction blocks All interior equipment are made up of the construction blocks: Tables, Lists, Charts, Forms, Wizards, Maps and so forth. Retool supplies an entire set of tough construction blocks out of the field. Spend your time getting UI in entrance of stakeholders, no longer weeding out the most productive React desk library. Assemble your app in 30 seconds by way of dragging and losing from our pre-constructed parts. View all 58 parts Drag and drop tables, bureaucracy, charts, and extra to collect your app briefly. Table Display and clear out your knowledge simply. Advanced options like calculated columns, server aspect pagination, and extra. List Create a listing of repeated parts like textual content, photographs, or shape inputs. Chart Visualize your knowledge with interactive bar, line, and pie charts. Format and manipulate your knowledge with JavaScript any place. Form Group textual content inputs, dropdowns, date pickers, or another enter sort in combination right into a unmarried shape with a publish button. Wizard Build visible workflows and cause queries as customers growth thru outlined steps. Map Visualize geographic knowledge and show a listing of items as issues on a map. Built the usage of Mapbox. Connect to anything else Connect to maximum databases or anything else with a REST, GraphQL or gRPC API. Retool empowers you to paintings with your entire knowledge assets seamlessly in a single app. Your knowledge is all the time saved by way of you. When a question is administered, the Retool backend proxies the request for your backend. We don’t retailer any of the information. No extra ETL-ing knowledge round! View our local integrations Retool helps maximum knowledge assets, together with databases and APIs. Read or write knowledge with queries No wish to concern about storing isFetching in Redux or dealing with mistakes out of your backend. Retool manages the entire exhausting stuff. Read in knowledge from MongoDB, sign up for it to Postgres with SQL, and POST the outcome to Stripe’s API. You handiest write the issues which can be customized for your app, just like the SQL queries, POST requests, or knowledge transformers. How to put in writing queries Read knowledge Join knowledge Create an bill find({ “created_at”: { $gt: new Date(‘2020-01-01’), $lt: new Date(‘2020-06-01’) }, “standing”: “billable” }) Built for builders Retool is very hackable, so that you’re by no means restricted by way of what’s to be had out of the field. If you’ll write it with JavaScript and an API, you’ll construct it in Retool. You can write JavaScript virtually any place inside Retool. Just wrap an expression with double brackets like {{ Math.max(select1.price, 10) }} and it’ll execute as sandboxed JS. Using Transformers, you’ll write greater, reusable blocks of code for manipulating knowledge. There’s additionally a local API for without delay interacting with parts and queries by the use of JS. Write JavaScript in Retool Connect your queries and common sense to prebuilt parts like tables and dropdowns. Manipulate knowledge with JavaScript any place. Custom parts If you’ll construct it in React, you’ll use it in Retool. Define your customized part by the use of JS and use it in any Retool app. Import any library Import JS libraries by the use of a URL and use them any place. Retool ships with Lodash, Moment, and Numbro already put in. Debug with a fashion browser View all to be had question,  » Read More

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