Top 15 Team Collaboration Tools in 2020

Top 15 Team Collaboration Tools in 2020

I’m working on this article from the comfort of my couch next to my chilling cat, wearing my favorite mended jeans and a tank top with a permanent olive oil stain – and I know for a fact a lot of people are doing exactly the same. I am not staying at home under the stay-at-home mandate and as a person who is trying to adjust to the new normal. I am a freelancer. I communicate with people via various technologies, I do most of my shopping online and spend a fraction of my week outside without feeling like I’m missing out. Most importantly – all of my work happens online. Not much has changed for me since the coronavirus outbreak, but for millions and millions of people, things are vastly different now. Around us, local economies are stumbling and healthcare systems are tensed up. The pandemic is drastically changing everything, including the way organizations operate and how people work, with a lot of us confined to our homes because of the strict quarantine measures that are only now beginning to ease up. At the same time, work must go on. So, how can we sustain productivity and pursue effective and hassle-free collaboration when there’s so much ambiguity all around us? Remote work has been around for more than twenty years. With the increase in mobile use, distant jobs and projects with heavily integrated technology, digital tools and apps have grown conjunctively to maintain this way of working. The problem is that the change is too extreme – something akin to an earthquake, with most people struggling because they are facing daunting challenges for which they were not fully prepared. It’s one thing to communicate with someone on Skype one-to-one, but when you have to discuss important issues with ten people connected virtually, it’s different, more complex. For those who have the remote work experience, adaptation to the new requirements is happening much easier and faster. Others have to learn quickly, engage more and try to keep up with the front-liners of remote work. In such situations, the determining factor of success comes from choosing and leveraging the right digital solutions for: Time tracking Communication Documentation management and files sharing Project management We have created a list of the most efficient collaboration tools that work particularly well for remote teams and employees who need to collaborate on common tasks. Time tracking ⏳🖥 Time tracking apps help you learn how you and your team are spending their work-hours, and how productive your time management is. These apps are much more sophisticated than the clock app on your mobile phone and have become an indispensable part of managing a fully distributed team. 1.Time Doctor This platform markets itself specifically for time tracking for remote teams, which means that it allows you to track time across your entire team. If you want to have more control over your employees, you can enable a function that allows you to automatically take screenshots to ensure that everyone is on task. Additionally, you can view website and app usage to see what the team members are spending their time on. This tool offers integrations with other top project management software like Asana, Basecamp, Trello, and many more. 2.Toggl This is an extremely convenient tool with a beautiful interface that lets you assign tasks to projects with ease.  » Read More

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