JS Tools and Libraries for Creating, Customizing and Validation Forms

JS Tools and Libraries for Creating, Customizing and Validation Forms

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In the past, we already wrote about datepickers, calendar plugins and tables that will help in building a web application. This time we will talk about tools that will help in the development, validation and forms customization. Forms are an essential part of almost every web application. They serve as a basic medium for users to interact with your app. But why does such a simple element as a form take such a long time to develop? The answer is simple: it takes a lot of code to build neat forms. That’s why many developers prefer to use ready-made libraries. In Flatlogic we create web & mobile application templates built with React, Vue, Angular and React Native to help you develop web & mobile apps faster. Go and check out yourself!See our themes! It is important to develop a high-quality form for several reasons: Higher conversion rate. Good forms won’t frustrate users with the filling process. Remember how many times you have left a shopping cart because of a bad form. Better user experience. Good forms help the company look more professional and mature. Libraries for building forms are divided according to the following principle: Form validation libraries Validation is an essential part of any form of a library. Modern-day forms have validations that have evolved greatly from the olden days. There are a variety of validations we can see in day to day web applications. Form builders with UI These tools allow you to create forms almost without coding. Basically, you just download a tool and start creating a form using various pre-built blocks. Form extension libraries There are a lot of plugins and libraries that help to extend forms. For instance, libraries with prebuilt checkboxes and text inputs: you can integrate these into existing forms. Form builder from JSON/XML A form builder allows developers to dynamically generate form controls (text fields, select boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes) from structured data models defined using JSON Schema. It also has the ability to encode a set of form controls as a JSON object for manipulation and submission when needed. How to choose the best form of a library? We interact with forms almost every day while working with information: login forms, online purchases, registration forms, etc. The main concern of every developer when working with them is to make forms accessible and usable. A poorly designed form can easily turn visitors away from your site. Thus choosing the right form library for your application is crucial and depends on: How easy is it to create custom input elements? How easy is it to extract and change form values? How easy is it to write custom validation logic? Quality of user experience and design. In this post we’ve gathered some useful Javascript libraries you can use to set up a form validation for your projects, as well as create and extend forms. Tools Javascript Form Libraries In this section of the article we’ll review libraries that are written and must be used in vanilla javascript. Parsley Js Web-site: https://parsleyjs.org/ Github: https://github.com/guillaumepotier/Parsley.js/ Demo: https://parsleyjs.org/doc/examples.html Price and License: Free, MIT license Type: Form validation library Image source: https://parsleyjs.org/ Parsley is a javascript form validation library.  » Read More

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