Icon Designer Report Q4 2019 #Resources

6 months ago
Icon Designer Report Q4 2019

Web design is an industry that’s constantly evolving and innovating. This means that there are a bunch of new web design tools being released every month. And while these cutting edge tools can cater to the latest demands of web design professionals, there are some older tools that still prove to be surprisingly useful. To help unearth the best web design applications of years gone by, we talked to seven web design experts to find out which old-fashioned tools they simply can’t live without. And while these tools might seem a bit basic or long in the tooth, they’ve stuck around for a reason: they’re just really good. So if you’re looking to shake up your workflow, be sure to check them out for yourself. 01. Sketch sheets Get your ideas down on paper (Image credit: Sketchize) If you’re a UX or UI designer who needs to turn their ideas…

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