Exciting New Tools for Designers, November 2019 #Resources

5 months ago
Exciting New Tools for Designers, November 2019

There’s a lot of fun packed into the roundup this month with a couple of design games, delightful fonts and animations, as well as design tools that can make your life easier. You’re sure to find some tools and resources that will help you save time as we enter what is often one of the most hectic seasons of the year. Here’s what’s new for designers this month.   Screen Size Map Screen Size Map is a tool to showcase popular screen sizes and will even auto-detect yours. Map sizes by device type, usage, size, and popularity. This can really come in handy when thinking about viewports or breakpoints in design projects. You might also be surprised to see what screen sizes are the most (or least) popular.   Lordicon Lordicon is a collection of free and premium animated icons in GIF and JSON formats. Each icon has a fun…

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