Essential Plugins for Atom #Resources
2 months ago
Essential Plugins for Atom

Posted December 10, 2019 Over the years I’ve collected a lot of different plugins for the code editor Atom. Some of these I’ve been using from day 1, and others have found their way into my plugins over time. Here is a list of the most essential Atom plugins to make sure you’re getting the most out of your code editor. Sync Settings This has to be my first pick as it has been a lifesaver. It backs up all of the settings and plugins in Atom to a gist which you can restore from at any time. It’s essential if you have two different set-ups so that you can seamlessly go between the two, or if you’re transferring to a new machine. Here are some features: Sync Atom’s and package settingsSync installed packagesSync user keymapsSync user stylesSync user init scriptSync snippetsSync user-defined text files 🔗 Teletype You know…

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