Build in-demand skills in Northwestern’s online MS in Information Design

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If you think that flyers are outdated, you are wrong! One of the oldest, yet the most acclaimed model of communication, a flyer is branding collateral that is not only inexpensive but also effective. Flyers designs are easy, but the process’s challenge is coming up with a design that portrays your brand as the best. When designing a flyer, four essential things need to be kept in mind – no matter what your concept is. The flyer must be eye-catching so that people pause and look at it twice. It should target a specific audience. You cannot expect anyone and everyone to want to read about the product/service. The flyer must give the right amount of information that isn’t too overboard, not very less. Lastly, the flyer must be convincing. You should be able to sell your idea most quickly and comfortably. Moreover, it should also excite people along with convincing them. We have collected some beautiful flyer design templates that you can use to promote your product, business, or service. From a variety of models, you can easily pick, download, and use the one template that makes perfect sense to you. If not that, you can always use these templates as inspiration and decide your layout and design. 1. Yellow Now Hiring Flyer: When it comes to flyers that talk about hiring, employers often look for designs that are more interactive and eye-catching. This template is a simple, practical design that can reach out to a lot of people at once. A customizable template allows you to change everything right from the images to the texts to some basic layouts. You can also customize the icons, fonts, colors, and text boxes according to your company’s mandate. This way, the Yellow Now Hiring Flyer has a versatile ability to fit any and every hiring profile that there is. 2. Black Friday Design Template: A great work of graphics and typography, this particular flyer template is perfect for any sale that you are looking to promote. The file download is free and includes Adobe Illustrator files, which helps you design a flyer according to your convenience. Every entity is customizable and adjustable. You can change the colors and sizes, and also make a high flyer out of the various available layers. 3. Simple Flyer Design Template: The essential qualities of this versatile and straightforward flyer design template are that its professional, modern, sophisticated, and at the same time, creatively intriguing. The most striking feature of the model is its vivid color block. Color blocking is a design theory that using heavy contrasting colors to create a visual balance. You can customize the fonts, texts as well as the background images according to your convenience. You must make sure to incorporate a logo of your company to make it more evidently branded. 4. White and Blue Illustrative Template: Canva hosts a massive deal of useful flyer design templates that can help you create beautiful layouts for your brand, product, or services’ promotion. This one, for instance, is a high flyer design supporting a minimal illustrative aesthetic. For the color story and the font type, you can play along with the various options that Canva can provide you with. You can customize the template and make it look however you like. The balancing white space is one of the critical elements of the model,  » Read More

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