Bekk Christmas #Resources
3 months ago
Bekk Christmas

I’ve always been blown away by the talented people I work with here at Bekk. If I’m ever stuck with some coding challenge, I can always count on receiving a thorough explanation within minutes on our company chat. At every one of our three yearly company gatherings, I’m blown away by the all-Bekk speaker roster, incredible creativity and seamless execution. We have been a very visible company at conferences all over the world, with talks about everything from Elm to Continuous Design 👨‍🎨. We got this blog, of course, where we share stuff like weekly React newsletters and how you can battle that pesky performance anxiety 😱. We’ve made art, designed awards, and won them, too. I invited all of my colleagues to join me in spreading the love and show that our culture of sharing is infused in the DNA of our company — and the response was nothing…

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