A Comprehensive Guide to Stay Productive

A Comprehensive Guide to Stay Productive

In the current scenario, we all are aware of the global pandemic COVID-19 which has affected lots of countries, their citizens, business, resources and much more. Since it spread like bushfires when it came in contact with infected persons. So as a precaution it is better to stay at home and work from home, practice social distancing and break the chain. Don’t panic, stay calm and still be productive, we’re here to help. In all these cases we cannot shut the business operation if we do that it will impact the organization and country’s economy adversely. In this scenario, it becomes important to support the organization as well as the economy. If there was something that was holding in the digital transformation of your company, then this is the time. Work from home is the only solution that will keep up the deliveries of the software, product or companies while keeping yourself and others safe at the same time. This WFH culture is going to stay even after this lockdown and companies are realizing the value of it. Telecommuting or e-commuting or remote working is the work technique that anyone implements to work anywhere from the world on their flexible workspaces, be it your work from home, or even from coffee shops, malls, libraries, or even co-working spaces. Remember, communication is the most important thing while working from home. DotnikStudio Agency was originated with a fully remote work culture (flexible workspace environment) and will continue to work so in the present and the future. We would like to share our knowledge base, which can be implemented in your work from home situations to get the highest productivity out of your team. Below are the tools that can be easily implemented by the organization’s employers and its employees while working from any remote location or working from home. 👇 Tools to kickstart 01. DropBox Online Cloud Storage – Dropbox Paper. Dropbox is a file hosting service where you can keep your important file or daily routine file so you can access it from anywhere. Also, it provides the benefits to collaborate with your team on single projects. It is the best way to share the resource with the concerned authority to make the work done. A big plus point is their workspaces, from where you can either create Microsoft Office files or even Google Docs files integrated straight away from the folder’s menu in the drive itself. Its features are: File sharing. Automatic organization & back-up. Any device accessibility. File storage. Link-sharing via email, chat or text message. Online back-up & file recovery. Manually set bandwidths. Activity audit. 02. Google Drive Online Cloud Storage – Google Drive. Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization product of Google. It allows users to store their files on their server, synchronize files across multiple devices with sharing. It provides the 15 GB of space and is directly accessed by the Gmail account. Also, it facilitates the creation of documents (.DOC), spreadsheet (.XLS) & presentation (PPT) files. A few more benefits are: Send links to files instead of attachments. Quickly clear formatting. One-tap phone backup. Comment directly on files. Set up offline access. Type doc with voice. 03. Dropbox Paper More than just a Documentation Workspace Tool – Dropbox Paper.  » Read More

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