50 Rust Texture Examples #Resources

3 months ago
50 Rust Texture Examples

Nature can be a great source of inspiration. Art has borrowed from nature for millennia. Even in our digitalized age, graphic designers still turn to nature for inspiration. In this article, we’ll look at rust textures as an often-overlooked alternative to more popular texture types. Using rich textures in your work can add a stronger composition, make it more eye-catching or increase the quality of your work by adding depth. Rust textures or any type of texture can also be a good background for posters, magazines, websites, online forms or even your computer wallpaper. Oxidized metal, while usually has a negative connotation such as abandonment, can also have the opposite meaning with bright, and rich colors. Here’s a list of 50 rust texture backgrounds that we’ve compiled for you. These can be a good source of inspiration or you can simply use them as a background for your projects.  BONUS:…

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