15 Web Design Books of 2019 #Resources

3 months ago
15 Web Design Books of 2019

https://voltomedia.com/fresh/wp-content/uploads/15-Web-Design-Books-of-2019-scaled.jpg If you’re unsure about the best books for web designers published this year, we’re here to help you. While there are a ton of beginner’s guides or very specialist titles on the market (covering particular frameworks, for example), we have chosen to round up the stand-out books of 2019 that more experienced designers, agencies and in-house teams should consider buying. Topics include design systems, information architecture, storytelling and art direction, psychology, ethics and inclusive design, collaboration and management, product strategy, career and business advice, the history of web design, as well as computation, which is used more and more for artificial intelligence, how it works and how it’s transformed the way that business gets done today. All the usual publishers, big and small, are represented on our handy list but there are also some self-published books, including a couple of free ones. Look carefully, and you’ll even find more…

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