Reimaging Graphic Design Via a Prism of Cyberpunk, Brutalism & Steampunk

Reimaging Graphic Design Via a Prism of Cyberpunk, Brutalism & Steampunk noupe.com2 years ago in #Funny Love36

After the recent pandemic challenge, the planet is entering a new age. During a lockdown, we have faced many technology disruptions that reminded us once again about the importance of massive digital transformation. The post-Coronavirus world is now challenging the status quo and rethinking different industries. The design is not an exception. That period has let all of us feel a slight touch of the undeniable future that is fastly rushing to us. The sunrise of tech innovations, the dominance of urbanism in our lives, and the desire to breathe in unison with the future — all these factors have created a perfect environment for the birth of new graphic design trends and a blast of the past futuristic tendencies. Here we’re introducing the five digital design trends that are predicted to gain momentum soon. Cyberpunk Renaissance  The intriguing beauty of cyberpunk is hidden in the fact that most of us forecast that this style might become part of our everyday reality very soon. Cyberpunk is a subgenre of science fiction in a dystopian futuristic setting. It implies a mind-blowing combination of high-tech and a “low-life.” We have witnessed the popularity of cyberpunk after the turn of the millennium. Today, we experience the next wave of cyberpunk in graphic design. The cyberpunk renaissance is here right now.  Today, we can see that many companies in various industries make their brand identity designs (a logo, branding colors, and marketing visuals) based on the cyberpunk aesthetics that is often associated with innovation and extraordinary approaches to things. It helps them build a positive online image, instill desired associations with a brand, and acquire new customers. Cyberpunk doesn’t necessarily include flying smart cars, urban dystopias, illuminated skyscrapers, etc. Some of the modern graphic designers reimagine logos, branding design, and illustrations via a prism of cyberpunk by incorporating just slight hints at this style, like a bold color palette, digitally enhanced fonts, and extraordinary layouts. Also, we often associate cyberpunk with the Akira-Esque illustrations, the active use of neons, a futuristic glitch effect, and the imitation of metals in design. A pinch of cyberpunk can make your digital business presence even more memorable and distinctive. Let’s take a look at these graphic design examples featuring cyberpunk aesthetics. Design by Roman Kl?o Brutalism: Honesty and Unusual Beauty Illustration by Greg Lapin Inspired by rough shapes of brutalist architecture, modern designers have started using this style in graphic design. Brutalism looks stark, menacing, and reminds us that there is nothing immortal or persistent in the whole Universe. A lot of brutalist designs are striving to depict the pure beauty of things without excessive decorations. Brutalism is penetrated by motifs that show us that everything is exposed to natural destruction and must be used efficiently and at the right moment. Brutalism is often associated with simplicity, boldness, and honesty. That’s why brands that aim to emphasize these aspects in their images and reputation, use brutalism for logo design and website design. When incorporating brutalism in design, companies mostly try to let their customers know that they are ready to give up all the unnecessary restrictions and start open and honest communication with their audiences. They are ready to listen to their needs and offer relevant solutions.  Design by Eugene Paryhin for Fireart Studio Illustration by ??rry v??ce?? Back to the Future with Steampunk Steampunk is the next amazing subgenre of science fiction that is expected to find its reflection is graphic design.  » Read More

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