Reddit Now Requires Signing in to Read Comment Threads

I was enjoying the new mobile Reddit experience without signing in to my account. I was reading the comment thread, and decide to click the outrageous “continue reading” that Reddit enabled if you really want to dig into the comments. Instead over opening a new page, Reddit gave me a pop up saying I needed to “join Reddit to keep reading” with a kind reminder to add my email information. This is honestly the most outrageous change enacted by Reddit to date. EDIT: Commenters in other forums have mentioned that they have not experienced this issue, meaning this is likely an A/B testing issue. Here is a screenshot of the popup that told me to sign in to keep reading: (Can I even hyperlink in mobile? I don’t see the option.) The fact that the development team considered creating a walled garden out of Reddit is awful and highlights the “user growth through hostile design” philosophy guiding the new Reddit. URL Out – – old.reddit.comDate – 2019-12-17 13:01:11

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