Phaser 3 Game Framework: My Honest Review

Phaser 3 Game Framework: My Honest Review hackernoon.com2 years ago in #Dev Love31

I’ve been using Phaser 3 for a couple of months now, and I’m really enjoying it, but sometimes it makes shake my head ‘why?’ , only not in a ‘bad way’, making games is weird, js itself is weird, so it’s only logical that Phaser, a game engine js-based… is weird. That’s why I opted for the following way to address this review, I’m gonna be giving you something that I liked, next to why/how it was weird, in what’s gonna be my attempt to look impartial. But first… Disclaimer: This is just an opinion, it’s my personal experience with the product in what hasn’t even been that much time, Phaser is a product that is not only free and works, it has an active community and if you’re looking to build a game using js only, this is a solid choice. I might not need the disclaimer, but I’ve been in ‘The internets’ before, and I’m not risking it, so, let’s begin. I liked… The examples I’ve always been a visual learner, and I’m used to googling for examples online of what I’m doing, what I’m not used to is the 1800 examples in the main site, paired with the docs, the only thing you need to do is read the docs, try it out on my local sandbox and if something is not working just jump into the examples and compare what I’m trying to do with the code online, and debug (not to mention life itself) just became easy again. The best case I remember is me trying to use collision filters from matterjs, but failing and not really knowing why. It wasn’t until I saw an example where they were using ‘0x0001’ and ‘0x0008’ as ids for the filters, while I was using ‘0x0001’ and ‘0x0002’, looks like (for some reason) if the ids are too close they just don’t work. But it was weird… the examples they chose to make I mean, I know they are examples, and their entire propose is to show how a specific thing is implemented, but some examples are just wild. Let’s say you want to show how to loop a background, maybe you can use a space tiled background sprite or a Hanna-barbera-like background, but someone… somewhere… said: ‘no chief, that’s not what games are about, let’s make an Albert Einstein looping in the background, with Mario’s life mushrooms looping on the foreground, that’ll teach them’. And others just look like from a bygone era, like they were ripped from my memories playing flash games in the computer labs from high school back in 2006. I liked… The flexibility Phaser has 10 trillion ways to do each individual thing, and I love it, you can use es6 webpack, you can use a CDN, you can write in typescript, you can export it as an android game, you can export it as a Facebook instant game (whatever that is). Internally you can choose between 3 physic systems, you can create an element and later add the physics to it, you can create the items from a factory, or directly from the matter world, you can even create DOM elements, if you’re feeling frisky 😉, and then use it in your game. Options are always welcome, and phaser has a lot. But it was weird… to chose what to do Let’s take the physics system as an example,  » Read More

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