This Cat Font Rules (and Dog Fonts Drool) #Outside
6 months ago
This Cat Font Rules (and Dog Fonts Drool)

As any cat owner knows, felines are the most regal of all species. Even digging through the litter box, the mangiest cat challenges the most-buttoned-up dog. And so it’s no surprise that, while a dog font looks like a droolier Comic Sans, this new cat font—developed by the direct-to-consumer cat food brand Smalls in collaboration with Olso type foundry Good Type—is speaking its own, subtle, secondary language: the coiffed language of cats. [Image: courtesy Smalls] In case a cat font sounds silly, know that this project was taken with the utmost seriousness, to be used as an anchor of the Smalls brand everywhere from the website to packaging to a cat zine called Small Talk. “Cats are actually incredibly meaningful icons to draw inspiration from,” says Miles Barretto, lead designer at Smalls. “Today, cats are too often associated with social memes. There is a deep and rich history of the…

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