These Font Football Kits are Perfect for Type Nerds #Outside
6 months ago
These Font Football Kits are Perfect for Type Nerds

We’re not sure what the Venn diagram of football fans and typography enthusiasts looks like. But if you fall in the overlap between the two, this is the Kickstarter project for you. Created by self-described football mad design professional Mark Jenkinson, TypeKits is a Kickstarter project that sees typefaces transformed into football shirts. Besides free fonts, what more could the typography obsessive in your life want? In TypeKits, six famous typefaces and their designers are celebrated as they’re cleverly realised as football shirts. There are even a few parallels between the funny old game and type design thrown in for good measure. Check them out in the gallery below. Image 1 of 6 Helvetica is one of the most widely used sans-serif typefaces (Image credit: Mark Jenkinson) Image 2 of 6 The Futura shirt is all about efficiency and forwardness (Image credit: Mark Jenkinson) Image 3 of 6 Optima gets…

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