The 20 Biggest Tech Flops of the 2010s #Outside
3 months ago
The 20 Biggest Tech Flops of the 2010s

Google Glass Google Glass is the embodiment of a product ahead of its time. Few in the tech world doubt that augmented reality wearables will eventually be big, but if the world isn’t ready for them in 2019, it most definitely wasn’t back in 2014. Google Glass was an awesome concept, but the hardware was simply too sluggish, cumbersome, and creepy to ever catch on. Windows Phone Breaking into the smartphone market is notoriously difficult, even more so when you’re trying to create a new platform altogether. Microsoft had a head start over both Apple and Google, what with the prevalence of Windows Mobile in the PDA era, but it just couldn’t catch up to Apple and Google’s Rampant success. Though many thought Microsoft might eventually try making another Windows Phone, the fact the company adopted Android for its upcoming Surface Duo phone makes it clear the company has given…

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