Bullet Journal Layout with CSS Grid, Subgrid & Flexbox #Outside

3 months ago
Bullet Journal Layout with CSS Grid, Subgrid & Flexbox

29 December 2019 This is a post about how I built my bullet journal demo that you can find over here. My bullet journal layout is pretty simple compared to some of the more elaborate, colorful and playful layouts I’ve seen. I mainly use my bullet journal to track a few monthly goals, bills, my weekly tasks and my schedule. My work calendar can become full of non-blocking “Office Hours” and tech talks that I may or may not have time to go to. Basically: digital calendar clutter can muddy my view of the week, and, perhaps it’s the designer in me, I prefer to keep some sort of hand written view of my week. (And also practice my hand-lettering. Like I said: designer.) Here is what my actual bullet journal looks like, but the bottom half layout can vary as I usually track the bills due between the 1st…

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