Build in-demand skills in Northwestern’s online MS in Information Design

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The pandemic situation we are in right now has brought unprecedented changes in the way companies operate. Working from home is no longer a privilege. It is now a new norm that professionals around the world are preparing to deal with. Transparency is a fundamental quality every team must possess; even more so during these times. Creating a transparent work environment is the first step to effective management and helps your teams stay productive and aware of short-term and long-term goals. Underneath these high-level objectives, the basic driving force of transparency is building trust within the team. Only then, a team can function at its best. Companies that went fully remote, or adopted a new model as we did at Kissflow, face their own set of challenges with regards to transparency and need to figure out ways to establish transparency.  The importance of transparency in the current scenario Transparency is a two-way street. Whether you are a developer working on a new product or a manager responsible for a team, transparency has a critical part to play in your job. Transparency keeps your team in check, so they don’t lose their direction. Everyone has access to the necessary information, which will help teams organize themselves without too much intervention from the management.  In an open environment, members know the actual objectives and feel free to share their concerns and ideas to improve the overall efficiency. Generally, managers who encourage communication and invest time in building trust between their teams perform better than those who don’t.  In times like these when traditional activities of improving teamwork are not possible, having true transparency stands as one of the most effective ways of keeping a team together. It’s no longer a recommendation for staying ahead of the curve. It’s a necessity. How to ensure transparency in your remote teams Implementing transparency in remote teams is easier said than done. There are multiple challenges you’ll have to overcome while doing it. Here are some of the strategies you can adopt to improve productivity of your team:   Make sure everyone knows the actual objective This might sound like a cliché, but ensuring everyone sees the bigger picture is the best way to maintain transparency in your team. Sharing the scope and progress of the current projects keeps team members happy and reduces the turnover rate.  It also has a significant effect on the overall productivity of any team. Knowing how you are contributing to success is a great motivator that pushes team members to strive for excellence. It’s hard for everyone to stay motivated in these times, so it’s essential not to miss any opportunities for improving the team’s morale. Be available for your team The WFH culture has further blurred the lines between personal and professional. Work-life balance is almost impossible to achieve amid this pandemic, and this can have crippling effects on any team’s productivity. Add the stress and panic related to the virus in this equation, and you have a perfect recipe for disaster. Therefore, it’s important for managers to be available for their team and cut some slack whenever possible. Being available to listen to their problems if they face difficulty in completing a task will help reduce some burden from their shoulders. The way we operate at Kissflow reflects this approach, where employees work together and are free to discuss their problems. Ever since the pandemic broke out, we have created dedicated channels to support our workers and offer assistance in whatever way possible.  » Read More

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