Build in-demand skills in Northwestern’s online MS in Information Design

Build in-demand skills in Northwestern’s online MS in Information Design dribbble.com2 weeks ago in #Outside Love64

A 3-hour design workshop combines divergent and convergent thinking to help cross-functional teams solve problems within agile and lean workflows 😊 Over the last year, I validated a flexible framework* to facilitate the co-creation of testable ideas in a setting in which members can feel invested in the product goals. Four key phases: 1. Align — The facilitator provides a known and well understood problem statement. To warm-up for the Sketch phase, each participant shares existing ideas and comparable solutions. Method to try: “Comparable Problem”. 2. Sketch —To generate multiple concepts, each member sketches 3 potential solutions to the problem. Method to try: “Crazy 8s”. 3. Present — The participants present their sketches for discussion and critique. The strengths and weaknesses of each idea are established in terms of known business, tech, and user goals. Method to try: “Thinking Hats”. 4. Decide — Use the “Dot-voting” method to identify and prioritize the strengths within the individual ideas. As a group, sketch a new collaborative concept that combines these strengths in a single idea (the facilitator can help build consensus). Next, you can use the concept to prototype and test the assumptions with end-users. Validate or iterate as needed. *Specific methods can vary  » Read More

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