7 Website Trends Everyone Should Avoid at all Costs #Outside

3 months ago
7 Website Trends Everyone Should Avoid at all Costs

It’s 2020. The start of a new year and decade. We may not have flying cars or people living on Mars, but web design has come a long way. In the early 1990s, nobody knew how the scroll bar worked. Today, users know they have to scroll. Devices are getting smaller and consumer expectations are at an all-time high. Web design trends have changed more in the last 5 years than the last 30 combined. The number of mobile users is higher than ever before with no intention of slowing down. Over 58% of the global population has access to the internet. Are you considering their experience? Is your website accessible to everyone? Is your website design keeping up with the times? Are you a victim of outdated design trends that used to work? Does your website respond to devices of all sizes? If you’re not sure how to answer those questions,…

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