6 Tech Trends that are Changing the Remote Work Game

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It’s no surprise that remote work has become a new norm across the globe. An influx of businesses has implemented remote work practices in the past few months, now allowing employees to work from home or other locations outside of the traditional office setting. As more companies begin allowing remote work, it appears that the trend is here to stay.  While the benefits of remote work are clear–flexible work schedules, an increase in job candidates, and a healthier workplace–there are some downsides to consider. The ability to interact with coworkers, manage employees, and maintain productivity can all be more difficult when working remotely, than in the office.  Luckily, a variety of technologies are changing the remote work game by making out-of-office work a lot more like working in the office. Keep reading to find out what technologies can improve any company’s remote work experience.  1. Virtual Communication Tools Virtual communication tools are essential for making remote work a good experience. While traditional email and phone calls can get a company by for a few weeks, employees will quickly start to see the negative impacts of not being able to communicate with coworkers on a more personal level. A great way to avoid this is to implement the proper tools–like web conferencing platforms and chat apps–to promote regular communication across the workplace.  Web conferencing platforms like Zoom can be used to hold both formal and informal meetings from any location. Employees can use this technology to have informal coffee breaks with coworkers or to have client meetings. A web conferencing system allows users to see each other in real-time, which can reinforce coworker relationships and company-wide morale.  In addition to web conferencing, employees should have access to chat apps that allow them to ask managers or coworkers questions in real-time. Instead of waiting for an email to be delivered, with the chance that a coworker doesn’t check it for hours, employees can utilize chat apps to send a quick reminder, question, or thought with the response rate being much higher. Not only are employees more likely to get a speedy response, but they’re also able to engage in an informal conversation the way they would in-office.  Strong communication is essential for any business to have success, but it is especially important for companies to implement across remote teams where communication is more difficult. 2. Process Automation Bots Staying productive can be difficult for employees when working in a remote environment, especially when they have a variety of different, mundane tasks to complete daily. One way businesses, or even individual employees, can stay on top of their productivity game is to implement process automation bots to manage workflows and complete mundane tasks.  Businesses can implement this technology to automate repetitive tasks across the board. Process automation can complete semi-structured tasks like data migration and excel inputs to reduce the number of mundane tasks that employees are faced with each day. Reducing mundane work allows employees to focus on their thought-driven work, promoting over-all productivity across the company. Employees can also utilize this technology on an individual basis to help them manage their workflow to promote productivity. Process automation bots can be customized to automatically open different sheets, tasks, and reports that employees may want to focus on at different points in their workday. Having this automatically set can help employees shift their focus and avoid working on one task for too long.  » Read More

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