10 Random Act of Kindness Ideas for Designers

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Sometimes it’s the little things that can bring a smile and make your day. More than ever these random acts of kindness are needed to help get your community (and the world) through tough times. As a designer, you can use your creative ability to spread kindness. Your skills give you a unique way to brighten someone’s day, help a local business or charity, and make a difference. Not sure where to start? We have a few ideas that you can borrow, add your creative flair to, and use to spread kindness and happiness. Keep smiling! 1. Take On a Pro Bono Project Now is the perfect time to take on a pro bono project. Pick a group you love, a friend with a small business, or office to design something for your kid’s school. It doesn’t have to be a big project. Maybe a poster design, maybe help set up a simple checkout for a website, or help a friend edit or critique a design-in-progress. You can volunteer your time or once you finish a small project, just tell your client that it’s on the house. 2. Design Some “Strava” Art Do you run or bike? Plan a course with an artistic flair and save it to Strava. Finding these course unicorns is a lot of fun and will bring delight to those who log in and see them. Plus, you get to exercise some creative and physical muscles at the same time. 3. Chalk a Mural Find a section of sidewalk and sketch words of encouragement to others or design a mural. There are so many different things you can do here to show your creative side. As a bonus, consider leaving your art supplies in a safe place next to your creation so someone else can continue creating as well. Simple messages and drawings are a fun way to create a connection with others and spread joy. 4. Paint Rocks Have you ever found a painted rock somewhere with an affirmative message on it? Use your creative and design skills to fashion a smooth stone and place it somewhere for others to find. Add a nice message of encouragement or affirmation for the person who finds it. You can even attach a note asking the recipient to hide it somewhere else. 5. Teach a Kid to Code Designers and developers can share their skills by teaching a kid – your own, a niece or nephew or even through an online class – how to code a design. Sharing the skills that make up our craft can be very rewarding for you and help a youngster find a love of design at an early age. You never know who might end up walking in your footsteps. 6. Create a Playlist for Your Design Team Nothing gets the creative juices flowing like a great playlist. One art form influences another. Share some of the music that gets you in the zone by creating a playlist you can share with your friends or remote work team, or just create a stellar public playlist using your favorite music service. (I admit to finding a lot of joy in finding a list like this from a random source.) 7. Design Zoom Backgrounds to Share With the growing use of video conferencing, a good background can hide untidy or embarrassing workspaces.  » Read More

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