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Holiday’s over (for some of us 👋) and time to get back to the grind. Now the feeling that you had a couple of restful days, you got to hang came back home for the family, hang out with friends or/and even had a chance to travel for the occurrence. Now it’s time to kick off the new year and restart all over. So what you have been missing from the social feeds aside from all the selfies, group selfies, kids photos and etc. What you have been missing, what’s the latest on the ‘latest’? Well, we have put together a round-up for yourself, mostly to inspire you. To provide you that slight boost for the new year, we have kept this round-up pretty generalist. Mostly things that inspired us during the holiday break, enjoy!Stay ConnectedVia TwitterLet’s just take a moment to relax and enjoy the animation— アニメ (@ElegantAnime) December 12, 2019The Making of a Juice Commercial— Farbod Saraf (@farbodsaraf) December 12, 2019So I did a new maze portrait that hide a message #plottertwitter #axidrawing— Julien Terraz (@TarGz) December 15, 2019Goodbye Powerpoint 👋Turn your @NotionHQ docs into beautiful presentations 💁‍♀️✨— Product Hunt (@ProductHunt) December 16, 2019In part 2 of a 3-part series, Workday takes us through how their design system, Canvas, has evolved to operate like a stand alone product and how they as a team evolved to mature that product.— Figma (@figmadesign) December 17, 2019My @figmadesign plugin Nester, is now available. Run this to automatically parent any object that sits above a top-level frame. If the object is not completely within the frame it will ignore it.— Thomas Lowry (@negativespaceca) December 17, 2019Just added some new community creations to the Notion template gallery:– Year Manifesto– Decade Review– Yearly Planner (by the esteemed @mariepoulin!)⌛️ Reminder: today’s the last day to share your #NotionGoals2020 setups to win some prizes!— Notion (@NotionHQ) December 17, 2019#2019 Part II— Chrome & Lightning (@Jarred_Hageman) December 18, 2019Crazy backyard science experiment— Domenico Calia (@CaliaDomenico) December 20, 2019SEGA— Liam Wong 💜 (@liamwong) December 24, 2019Made a beta sign up page for the new @Designspiration mood board tool.— Shelby White (@ShelbyWhite) December 25, 2019The long lost AKIRA prototype for Sega Mega Drive has been found and released.— Akira 2019 (@Akira2019) December 26, 2019We’re saddened to hear of the passing of one of the fathers of Cyberpunk genre. Syd Mead was a great illustrator and concept artist, he visualized the future and helped shape the look of it.Your visions will forever stay with us, Syd!— Cyberpunk 2077 (@CyberpunkGame) December 31, 2019A Look Back at 2019: Roundup of Codrops ResourcesThank you to all our readers and supporters! Come and join us for a look back at 2019! #2019 #webdev #webdesign #frontend— Codrops (@codrops) December 31, 2019Welcome to 2020. ⚡️— James White (@Signalnoise) January 1, 2020Cover image courtesy by Christin Hume URL Out – – abduzeedo.comDate – 2020-01-03 01:03:27

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