Mastodon 3.0 Released

Mastodon 3.0 Released github.com3 years ago in #Resources Love450

Breaking changes Remove OStatus support Please use ActivityPub instead Remove deprecated REST API GET /api/v1/search API Please use GET /api/v2/search instead Remove deprecated REST API GET /api/v1/statuses/:id/card Please use the card attribute on statuses instead Remove deprecated REST API POST /api/v1/notifications/dismiss?id=:id Please use POST /api/v1/notifications/:id/dismiss instead Remove deprecated REST API GET /api/v1/timelines/direct Please use GET /api/v1/conversations instead Changelog Added Add “not available” label to unloaded media attachments in web UI (Gargron, Gargron) Add profile directory to web UI (Gargron, mayaeh) Add profile directory opt-in federation Add profile directory REST API Add special alert for throttled requests in web UI (ThibG) Add confirmation modal when logging out from the web UI (ThibG) Add audio player in web UI (Gargron, Gargron, Gargron, ThibG, Gargron) Add autosuggestions for hashtags in web UI (Gargron, ThibG, Gargron, Gargron, Gargron) Add media editing modal with OCR tool in web UI (Gargron, Gargron, ThibG, ThibG, Gargron, Gargron, Gargron) Add indicator of unread notifications to window title when web UI is out of focus (Gargron, Gargron) Add indicator for which options you voted for in a poll in web UI (ThibG) Add search results pagination to web UI (Gargron, ThibG) Add option to disable real-time updates in web UI (“slow mode”) (Gargron, ykzts, ThibG, Gargron, ThibG) Add option to disable blurhash previews in web UI (ThibG) Add native smooth scrolling when supported in web UI (ThibG) Add scrolling to the search bar on focus in web UI (Kjwon15) Add refresh button to list of rebloggers/favouriters in web UI (Gargron) Add error description and button to copy stack trace to web UI (Gargron) Add search and sort functions to hashtag admin UI (mayaeh, Gargron, mayaeh) Add setting for default search engine indexing in admin UI (brortao) Add account bio to account view in admin UI (ThibG) Add option to include reported statuses in warning e-mail from admin UI (Gargron, Gargron, Gargron, Gargron, mayaeh) Add number of pending accounts and pending hashtags to dashboard in admin UI (Gargron) Add account migration UI (Gargron, noellabo, noellabo, noellabo, noellabo) Add table of contents to about page (Gargron, ykzts, ykzts, Kjwon15) Add password challenge to 2FA settings, e-mail notifications (Gargron) Add optional public list of domain blocks with comments (ThibG, ThibG, Gargron) Add an RSS feed for featured hashtags (noellabo) Add explanations to featured hashtags UI and profile (Gargron) Add hashtag trends with admin and user settings (Gargron, Gargron, Gargron, Gargron, Gargron, mayaeh, Gargron, Gargron, Gargron, Gargron, Gargron, Gargron, ThibG, Sasha-Sorokin, Gargron, Gargron) Add hashtag usage breakdown to admin UI Add batch actions for hashtags to admin UI Add trends to web UI Add trends to public pages Add user preference to hide trends Add admin setting to disable trends Add categories for custom emojis (Gargron, Gargron, Gargron, highemerly) Add custom emoji categories to emoji picker in web UI Add category to custom emojis in REST API Add batch actions for custom emojis in admin UI Add max image dimensions to error message (raboof) Add aac, m4a, 3gp, amr, wma to allowed audio formats (Gargron, umonaca) Add search syntax for operators and phrases (Gargron) Add REST API for managing featured hashtags (noellabo) Add REST API for managing timeline read markers (Gargron) Add exclude_unreviewed param to GET /api/v2/search REST API (Gargron) Add reason param to POST /api/v1/accounts REST API (Gargron) Add ActivityPub secure mode (Gargron, ThibG, ThibG) Add HTTP signatures to all outgoing ActivityPub GET requests (Gargron, ThibG) Add support for ActivityPub Audio activities (ThibG) Add ActivityPub actor representing the entire server (ThibG, rtucker, ThibG, Gargron) Add whitelist mode (Gargron, mayaeh) Add config of multipart threshold for S3 (ykzts, ykzts) Add health check endpoint…

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