Markdoc – A Powerful, Flexible, Markdown-based Authoring Framework

Markdoc – A Powerful, Flexible, Markdown-based Authoring Framework markdoc.io3 months ago in #Silicon Valley Love68

From non-public blogs to large documentation websites, Markdoc is a content material authoring machine that grows with you. View medical doctors Try it out Markdoc is a Markdown-based syntax and toolchain for growing customized documentation websites. Stripe created Markdoc to energy our public medical doctors. Markdoc is open-supply—take a look at its supply to peer the way it works. How is Markdoc other? Markdoc makes use of a completely declarative solution to composition and float keep an eye on, the place different answers… Read extra. Next steps Install Markdoc Explore the syntax Open supply Maintain complete keep an eye on over your code and content material. Markdoc is open-supply and completely extensible. Developer & author pleasant Markdoc delivers an impressive, versatile, developer revel in (DX) with an similarly succesful authoring revel in (AX). Adopt anyplace Use Markdoc to create interactive documentation reviews, static content material websites, authoring tooling, and extra. npm set up @markdoc/markdoc import Markdoc from ‘@markdoc/markdoc’; const document = ` # Hello global. My first Markdoc web page `; const ast = Markdoc.parse(document); const content material = Markdoc.turn out to be(ast); const html = Markdoc.renderers.html(content material); Markdoc powers Stripe documentation Stripe created Markdoc to energy its greatest and maximum detailed content material web page. Since then, we’ve followed it around the corporate, writing loads of hundreds of strains of Markdoc to create hundreds of pages of expressive, customized documentation. Familiar syntax Markdoc is a syntactic extension of Markdown, so you’ll be able to stay the use of all of the syntax and tooling you might be used to. Learn the syntax Easily extensible Markdoc allows you to customise all sides of the machine, from customized tags and nodes to completely new renderers. Learn extra Built-in validation You can upload customized validation during your content material machine, making sure not anything breaks and your content material stays constant. Learn extra Love  » Read More

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