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Alert bell bell-slash exclamation exclamation-circle exclamation-triangle radiation radiation-alt skull-crossbones Animals cat crow dog dove dragon feather feather-alt fish frog hippo horse horse-head kiwi-bird otter paw spider Arrows angle-double-down angle-double-left angle-double-right angle-double-up angle-down angle-left angle-right angle-up arrow-alt-circle-down arrow-alt-circle-left arrow-alt-circle-right arrow-alt-circle-up arrow-circle-down arrow-circle-left arrow-circle-right arrow-circle-up arrow-down arrow-left arrow-right arrow-up arrows-alt arrows-alt-h arrows-alt-v caret-down caret-left caret-right caret-square-down caret-square-left caret-square-right caret-square-up caret-up cart-arrow-down chart-line chevron-circle-down chevron-circle-left chevron-circle-right chevron-circle-up chevron-down chevron-left chevron-right chevron-up cloud-download-alt cloud-upload-alt compress-arrows-alt download exchange-alt expand-arrows-alt external-link-alt external-link-square-alt hand-point-down hand-point-left hand-point-right hand-point-up hand-pointer history level-down-alt level-up-alt location-arrow long-arrow-alt-down long-arrow-alt-left long-arrow-alt-right long-arrow-alt-up mouse-pointer play random recycle redo redo-alt reply reply-all retweet share share-square sign-in-alt sign-out-alt sort sort-alpha-down sort-alpha-down-alt sort-alpha-up sort-alpha-up-alt sort-amount-down sort-amount-down-alt sort-amount-up sort-amount-up-alt sort-down sort-numeric-down sort-numeric-down-alt sort-numeric-up sort-numeric-up-alt sort-up sync sync-alt text-height text-width undo undo-alt upload Audio & Video audio-description backward broadcast-tower circle closed-captioning compress compress-arrows-alt eject expand expand-arrows-alt fast-backward fast-forward file-audio file-video film forward headphones microphone microphone-alt microphone-alt-slash microphone-slash music pause pause-circle phone-volume photo-video play play-circle podcast random redo redo-alt rss rss-square step-backward step-forward stop stop-circle sync sync-alt tv undo undo-alt video volume-down volume-mute volume-off volume-up youtube Automotive air-freshener ambulance bus bus-alt car car-alt car-battery car-crash car-side charging-station gas-pump motorcycle oil-can shuttle-van tachometer-alt taxi truck truck-monster truck-pickup Autumn apple-alt campground cloud-sun drumstick-bite football-ball hiking mountain tractor tree wind wine-bottle Beverage beer blender cocktail coffee flask glass-cheers glass-martini glass-martini-alt glass-whiskey mug-hot wine-bottle wine-glass wine-glass-alt Brand Icons – All brand icons are trademarks of their respective owners.– The use of these trademarks does not indicate endorsement of the trademark holder by Line Awesome, nor vice versa.– Brand icons should only be used to represent the company or product to which they refer.– Please do not use brand logos for any purpose except to represent that particular brand or service. Buildings archway building campground church city clinic-medical dungeon gopuram home hospital hospital-alt hotel house-damage igloo industry kaaba landmark monument mosque place-of-worship school store store-alt synagogue torii-gate university vihara warehouse Business address-book address-card archive balance-scale balance-scale-left balance-scale-right birthday-cake book briefcase building bullhorn bullseye business-time calculator calendar calendar-alt certificate chart-area chart-bar chart-line chart-pie city clipboard coffee columns compass copy copyright cut edit envelope envelope-open envelope-square eraser fax file file-alt folder folder-minus folder-open folder-plus glasses globe highlighter industry landmark marker paperclip paste pen pen-alt pen-fancy pen-nib pen-square pencil-alt percent phone phone-alt phone-slash phone-square phone-square-alt phone-volume print project-diagram registered save sitemap socks sticky-note stream table tag tags tasks thumbtack trademark wallet Camping binoculars campground compass fire fire-alt first-aid frog hiking map map-marked map-marked-alt map-signs mountain route toilet-paper tree Charity dollar-sign donate dove gift globe hand-holding-heart hand-holding-usd hands-helping handshake heart leaf parachute-box piggy-bank ribbon seedling Chat comment comment-alt comment-dots comment-medical comment-slash comments frown icons meh phone phone-alt phone-slash poo quote-left quote-right smile sms video video-slash Chess chess chess-bishop chess-board chess-king chess-knight chess-pawn chess-queen chess-rook square-full Childhood apple-alt baby baby-carriage bath biking birthday-cake cookie cookie-bite gamepad ice-cream mitten robot school shapes snowman Clothing graduation-cap hat-cowboy hat-cowboy-side hat-wizard mitten shoe-prints socks tshirt user-tie Code archive barcode bath bug code code-branch coffee file file-alt file-code filter fire-extinguisher folder folder-open keyboard laptop-code microchip project-diagram qrcode shield-alt sitemap stream terminal user-secret window-close window-maximize window-minimize window-restore Computers database desktop download ethernet hdd headphones keyboard laptop memory microchip mobile mobile-alt mouse plug power-off print satellite satellite-dish save sd-card server sim-card stream tablet tablet-alt tv upload Construction brush drafting-compass dumpster hammer hard-hat paint-roller pencil-alt pencil-ruler ruler ruler-combined ruler-horizontal ruler-vertical screwdriver toolbox tools truck-pickup wrench Currency bitcoin btc dollar-sign ethereum euro-sign gg gg-circle hryvnia lira-sign money-bill money-bill-alt money-bill-wave money-bill-wave-alt money-check money-check-alt pound-sign ruble-sign rupee-sign shekel-sign tenge won-sign yen-sign Date & Time bell bell-slash calendar calendar-alt calendar-check calendar-minus calendar-plus calendar-times clock hourglass hourglass-end hourglass-half hourglass-start stopwatch Design adjust bezier-curve…

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