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If you’re dealing with Content like us, this probably sounds familiar: Conflicting copies everywhere Assets all over the place, chaos time baby! Who wrote this copy, why is the tone different here and for what reason? Not knowing who made the edits, the designer or the developer! Feedback slipping through the cracks Treating content like the icing on a cake You’re not alone – we’ve been in the same boat for years! No collaboration between the teams. Adopting an old waterfall process where the projects go from one team to another with little to no communication between them. That always created a lot of confusion, chaos, and miss-alignments.Too many places to look at with so little context, we felt disconnected, disorganized and completely lost. The tools that are supposed to help us are actually making things worse. Let’s look at a typical Product Design Team: The UX do the wireframes/ prototypes The Content Team writes the copy The Devs do the production Mash it all together, hoping for the best! 🙏🏻Designers copying content from Google Docs and dropping it in the design and hoping they end up unified and fitting the appropriate spaces provided by the UX team beforehand. Well, good luck with that! 99% of the time, you’ll find a bunch of inconsistencies. Thus, it will require a lot of re-writes to match the layout and the intended message. This process is repeatedly happening for every type of project, no matter the team size, nor the design system used. Let’s all say it out loud! Our process is completely fucked up!

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