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Consider the paintbrush: easy sufficient for a kid, complicated sufficient for an Old Master. That’s what any creative software must try for, and the artwork of programming merits a device that’s extra inventive, extra alive. Joy.js is a device for making equipment like that. EASY & EXPRESSIVE With common coding: tweak a host, bring together, see the outcome seconds later, tweak once more, repeat ’til bored. With Joy.js: trade the code by means of clicking / dragging / soaring, and spot the outcome instantly. This allows you to improvize, and uncover “glad little injuries”! SEE WHOLE SYSTEMS No want to second-guess this system, to “play pc” on your head. If you wish to have to grasp what a device does, you’ll merely hover over the step numbers, and spot the device construct itself step-by-step. SAVE & SHARE And after all, when you’re making a device with Joy.js, your customers will be capable to save and proportion their paintings, and remix each and every others’ creations! (Note for builders: Joy.js “saves information” within the URL itself… which means, no want to arrange a server or database!)  » Read More

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