It’s Time to Start Learning Coding: Top 20+ Best Websites To Learn Programming in 2020

It’s Time to Start Learning Coding: Top 20+ Best Websites To Learn Programming in 2020 hackernoon.com2 years ago in #Dev Love19

@johnnythecoderJohnny A senior Java developer and Java tutor at Learning Tree International programming courses. I’m sure many of us are wondering how to stay a relevant professional in the post-pandemic world. One of the ways, obviously, is learning to program. Now that the industry is at the 21% growth rate (higher than that of any other field), it’s clear that the demand for good developers is not going anywhere. Moreover, it’s likely to grow in the next couple of years, as more businesses will consider replacing physical processes and practices with the digital ones. In this post, you will find out why now is the time to master coding and collect a complete resource deck to fuel your progress — over 20 websites that help future coders get better at their jobs. Why Now Is The Right Time To Learn Programming Mastering a new skill is a huge step outside the comfort zone. It’s common for beginner programmers to feel that the market of coders is too competitive, the jobs are too challenging, and the pain isn’t worth the gain. However, according to statistics, learning a new programming language is about the best thing to do with your time — here’s why: A software developer’s median salary is $103,620. There are over 1,300 000 million job openings in the software development market. On average, learning programming well enough to get a job takes 3 years — less than getting a college degree. Coding is seen as one of the essential skills for the next generation of workers according to the World Economic Forum. In a nutshell, software development is a rapidly-growing field — you will definitely not struggle to find a job in the industry. Other than that, there are tons of learning resources for beginning developers that help people with no technical education get proficient in coding. Top 20 Websites For Learning Programming Whether you are new to programming or are an experienced developer eager to learn new technology, it’s always helpful to have a resource deck to use for references. Personally, I have dozens of websites I use to learn and teach coding — here are my favorites. 1. Codegym Platforms: Online, Desktop, Android app Programming languages: Java Pricing: free Android app, paid desktop subscription ($30 per month or $300 yearly). Codegym is a Java-centered platform that approaches the language deeper than any other platform I’ve seen on the web. I enjoy the way the website combines theory with practical knowledge — there are over 1200 exercises to help you get from zero to hero. Other than that, be sure to check out the community forum — here, Java students answer each other’s questions and discuss the challenges of learning a new programming language. Main benefits: An interactive course that offers over 500 hours of active coding experience Built-in IDE where learners can solve practice problems Active Java community Virtual mentor Small, bite-sized lectures The platform makes learning fun by using gamification and engaging stories 2. Treehouse Platforms: Desktop, iOS, Android Programming languages: Java, Python, C#, PHP, Ruby, HTML Pricing: $25-$199/month Treehouse is another platform that doesn’t approach coding as a range of abstract concepts.  » Read More

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