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Here’s another example. We go to our own profile. Then we go to a post. After that to our likes. From the likes list we select a profile of one of our friends. We look at his cool photos. Then switch tabs to home. When we come back to our own profile — it even has our logo as the icon! — we end up on our friend’s profile instead. This loop breaks the logic and expectancy. It may make sense on a high level of the “entire navigation”. But deep down, logically it doesn’t. This should be OUR profile, not someone else’s. If we didn’t have the tabs available all the time, we’d have to back away the cumbersome way (one by one) which would take forever. So looking at it from that perspective it seems they made a conscious choice here that works. It is however still unnatural and the only thing making it natural is the sheer popularity of the platform. Not logic. Not easy-to-understand interface. Not some “great UI navigation pattern”. We grew to understand it or even like it because we had no choice. If apps could talk 😉 There is no “right way” to do this kind of navigation. You’re either a bit illogical, or a bit more cumbersome but preserving logic and consistency. So the question here is — should other apps adapt to it? Or should some use the more common “regular tab pattern” instead of “instagram tab pattern”? Because for the sake of the experience we should probably stick with one at least until we make a major breakthrough and come up with an even better solution. Otherwise people that are really into Instagram will have a hard time using other apps. ________ I write weekly longform stories. Follow to stay in the loop. URL Out – – uxdesign.ccDate – 2019-10-26 00:04:07

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