The Latest Research for Web Designers, March 2020

The Latest Research for Web Designers, March 2020

While it’s important to know about the latest research and surveys impacting web design, I think it’s just as important to stay informed about news that may affect your work as a designer. As such, this roundup of the latest research for web designers includes a mix of reports along with some news and facts about something that people are talking about all around the world: the coronavirus. A Better Lemonade Stand Analyzes the Best Remote Working Locations With the help of Nomad List, A Better Lemonade Stand has aggregated a list of the 20 best places to work remotely. While finding a place to live can be a very subjective matter (for instance, some people prefer colder locales or warm ones), this list takes into account factors that can have a serious impact on the work of a freelancer. For example, this is why Auckland, New Zealand ended up taking the #1 spot for remote work: The other cities to round out the top 10 are: Bengaluru, India Budapest, Hungary Buenos Aires, Argentina Chiang Mai, Thailand Dubrovnik, Croatia Hanoi, Vietnam Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Krakow, Poland Lisbon, Portugal I’d argue that it’s high scores on factors like the following that make them the best spots to work remotely from: Cost Internet speed Free wifi in the city Places to work from Walkability Happiness score Quality of life If you’ve been considering a move and you want it to not only be a place you love but that’s good for your business, one of these nomad-friendly spots might fit the bill. Hubspot Gives Us a Comprehensive Look at the State of Marketing As always, there’s almost too much information to digest in Hubspot’s annual State of Marketing report. But that’s not going to stop me from highlighting the points you can use to bring more money into your business: Website Upgrades Needed According to the survey, 63% of respondents are looking to upgrade their websites in 2020. If you have experience in and enjoy doing website redesigns, hop on this opportunity as soon as you can. Maintenance Pros Wanted Sometimes it’s not the design that needs to be tweaked. Rather your clients would benefit from a technical tune-up along with ongoing maintenance. When asked which tactics have been the most beneficial for improving a website’s performance and search ranking, here’s what respondents had to say: You could easily create a recurring revenue stream around these maintenance tasks. Visual-Heavy Content Marketing is a Must Marketers use a wide variety of content in their marketing strategies: If you’re in the business of building websites, you should also be helping your clients create graphics for the media above. For instance, you could provide ongoing design services for: Blog (and promotional social media) graphics Videos or just video cover images Infographics Templates for case studies, ebooks, and white papers Just because your job is primarily to build high-converting websites for clients doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be looking for other ways to serve them. The Coronavirus’s Impact on Freelancers With so much news about the coronavirus out there,  » Read More

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