Site Design: How Many Slaves Work for You? #Infographics
6 months ago
Site Design: How Many Slaves Work for You? In 1972, a journalist named Eric Burgess was touring an aerospace company with a group of fellow science correspondents when he had an unprecedented thought. The group had just gotten a glimpse of the Pioneer 10, the spacecraft poised to become the first to leave our solar system, weeks before its interstellar journey. If there’s a chance the probe will meet extraterrestrial life, Burgess thought, it should carry a missive from all of mankind–some sort of greeting that would also convey the message of life on Earth to intelligent life outside of it. Burgess knew that he would never be able to convince NASA of the idea. But he did know someone who could: Carl Sagan, then the director of the laboratory of planetary studies at Cornell University. In turn, Sagan recruited the designer Frank Drake and his first wife, the artist and writer Linda Salzman Sagan, and the group pitched the idea to…

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