20 Awesome Animated Infographics with Interactive Designs #Infographics

6 months ago
20 Awesome Animated Infographics with Interactive Designs

Over the past year or two, we’ve seen the latest CSS and Javascript animation abilities being used to really enhance the experience of browsing a web page, with sites these days being a closer resemblance to animated infographics or Powerpoint presentations. No longer are we scrolling through passages of text with the odd image, now websites are performing a rehearsed show to entertain us with their content. This post showcases some of the best examples of infographic websites that present their information with clever animation and motion effects. Let us know in the comment section below, which one of these web designs that look like animated infographics is your favorite! This animated and interactive website reels readers in using subtle motion effects and beautiful, geometric illustrations. This cool infographic website uses predominantly flat colors and interactive graphs to create 3D designs. This cool website allows the viewer to direct the…

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