How To Make a Website in 2019

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Originally published by Chris Castiglione on June 16th 2019 Do you want to build a website from scratch, but don’t know where to start? Over my career as a web developer, I’ve built more than 100 websites for clients including Bacardi, Toyota, and The Four Seasons. One time, I even made a website for a semi-famous goat in Virginia. In this post, I want to answer the question, “What’s the best way to make a website?” No doubt there are hundreds of options, but I can boil them down to one question that you need to ask when starting to build a new website: Do you want it to be easy to build, or highly customizable when it’s live? If you want the process to be easy — Making a new website will be inexpensive, but you’ll be limited in the number of customizations you can make. If you’d prefer it to be customizable— It will be more expensive and it’ll take longer. The plus side is that, in the end, you’ll have a more customised and fine-tuned experience. Here’s a breakdown of your options for making a website: easy vs. customizable vs. hybrid: Option #1: The easiest ways to make a website If you want a simple website, my suggestion is to start with easy. What kind of websites is easy to make? Think a band website, your web portfolio, photo gallery, a blog, pictures of your pet dog, a restaurant, etc. Basically, anything that needs to share information in the form of text or images, but not much else. Top 5 easiest ways to make a website Here are the five easiest ways to launch a website: Squarespace — One of the easiest options for making a website. Squarespace has a number of templates and you can be up and running in a short amount of time. Wix — Similar to Squarespace. I’d say Wix is the leader in the “make a quick website” category. Whereas Squarespace has around 70 themes, Wix has more than 500 themes. Whereas the Squarespace editor is very precise in making sure you don’t mess up the look and feel or your theme, Wix is a bit more lenient with how you design your site. Shopify — If you want an e-commerce store, use Shopify. The prices are reasonable, the themes look great, and if you know the basics of coding HTML you can use their Liquid Template Language to add customizations when you need them. Gumroad — Gumroad is wonderful if you have something simple you want to sell. For example, if you want to sell a t-shirt, book or some kind of arts & craft? The Gumroad is the easiest, and cheapest option to get started. — WordPress is probably my favorite option for creating a website, or a blog. Why WordPress? I like the company’s mission (to “democratize Publishing”), I like that WordPress has been around for 20 years, I like that there is a free option available, and I like that if you start with the “easy” option you can later upgrade your site to a more customizable option (aka. WordPress gives you room to grow). You don’t need to know how to code to use WordPress, but if you know the basics you can really get a lot out of it.  » Read More

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