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Too much obsession with “process” I believe it’s an opportunity to showcase 1) your skills 2) who you are as a human being. We spend more time with our colleagues than our family, so don’t be afraid to show personality. In an age where there is more emphasis on hiring people who match the culture of the business, a portfolio is a perfect opportunity to show that you’re a cultural fit. It’s much harder to get your personality across on a CV given that approximately 99% of CVs follow the same format. The ultimate aim is to get hired (duh!) but maybe start to think about your career vision. Can you take the reader on a journey? Are you allowing yourself a higher opportunity to be headhunted? (There is a difference between headhunted and applying for a job). Top companies scour portfolios, Medium, GitHub to look for the next thought leaders. Can you build your brand? A portfolio should be to showcase your work, but all the things you do outside of your day job for the community such as talks, conferences, teaching etc. Have the questions in mind: As we all know there is a lot of juniors in the market so do something that will help you stand out. What makes you stand out from hundreds of juniors? Why should someone give you a chance? How much grit and determination have you got? What’s your 5–10-year plan? Give companies an idea of how you want to grow your career. Do you look up to anyone in UX and why? I’d rather see a junior portfolio which isn’t perfect in terms of process but rather someone who demonstrates they are moldable, teachable, likeable and enjoyable to be around. URL Out – – uxdesign.ccDate – 2019-10-11 18:59:09

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