How To Code Faster with Hundreds of Shortcuts in TeaCode

How To Code Faster with Hundreds of Shortcuts in TeaCode hackernoon.com2 years ago in #Dev Love25

TeaCode is a time-saving app from Apptorium that gives you an enormous library of expendable code snippets for any programming language. Instead of typing the whole action, you can only put down the expander and it with unfold into a full section of code. Every time you use an expander, you save loads of efforts on hand-coding every line. Plus, you can create your own expanders in any language. Mastering fast programming using expanders To begin with, let’s see when TeaCode comes in handy. It has 70 built-in expanders in Swift, PHP, and HTML. If you write in one of the three, it’s a piece of cake from then on. If you don’t, spend a few minutes making your own expanders to write code faster. We’ll explain how in a moment. First, check out the logic and syntax of the expanders. You can view all of them in the library or browse for the ones you need. To open the list of expanders, install the app, click on the menu bar icon and choose Expanders. Right next to it there’s a Quick browser that takes you to a Quick Look-like search window. Creating your own code expanders in any language While TeaCode does work with any code editor, it only has a ready library of three languages: Swift, PHP, and HTML. To create an expander for the language you work with, go to Expanders and find a small “ ” sign in the bottom left corner. Then you can choose to make a single one or a bundle. Bundles are more convenient, especially if you plan to share them with your teammates. Exporting and sharing your code shortcuts If you’re not the greedy type, you’ll probably be happy to share the bundles of expanders you created with your teammates or just fellow programmers. That is pretty easy, simply right-click on the bundle and choose Export. Send the file and anyone with an installed TeaCode will be able to import and use it on their Mac. That’s about it with the basic intro to TeaCode. We can only suggest you try it yourself as soon as possible. It’s indispensable and incredibly easy to get used to. Feels like getting a roomba: once you have it, it’s hard to believe you used to waste time on such silly things as vacuuming. You can get TeaCode from their website or via Setapp. To use it, you need an active subscription and an installed desktop client. Tags Subscribe to get your daily round-up of top tech stories!  » Read More

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