How to Change the Text Color in WordPress

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Recently, one of our readers asked if there was an easy way to change the text color in WordPress? The answer is yes. You can easily change your font color in WordPress across your whole site, or even just for a single word inside your post content. In this guide, we’ll show you how to easily change the text color in WordPress, step by step. There are lots of reasons why you might want to change the text color in your posts or pages. Maybe you’d like to emphasize a keyword, or perhaps you want to use colored subheadings on a particular page. Alternatively, you might want to change the text color across your whole site. Perhaps your theme uses a gray color for text, but you’d rather make it black, or a darker gray, for better readability. In this tutorial, we’ll be covering the following methods: Changing the text color using the visual editor (great for changing a few words, a paragraph, or a heading when writing content). Changing the text color in the theme customizer (the best way to change font colors across your whole site, but not supported by all themes). Changing the text color using CSS code (suitable for changing the font color across your whole site with any themes). Just click one of those links to jump straight to that method. Video Tutorial If you’d prefer written instructions, just keep reading. Method 1. Changing the Text Color Using the Visual Editor You can use the default WordPress editor to put words, paragraphs, or even subheadings in a different color from your main text. Here’s how you can change your text color using the block editor. First, you’ll need to edit the post or page that you want to change, or create a new one. Next, type in your text. You’ll need to create a paragraph block or a heading block as appropriate. For help with this, take a look at our tutorial on how to use the WordPress block editor. Once your text is in place, you can change the color. Changing the Text Color of a Block For this first example, we’re going to change the text color of the whole block. Simply click on the block and the Block Settings panel should open up on the right hand side of your screen. Next, click on the arrow for ‘Color settings’ to expand that tab. You’ll see the text color settings here. Now, you can pick a new color for the text. The visual editor will show you some options based on your theme. You can simply click on one of these to change your text color. Alternatively, if you have a specific color in mind, click the ‘Custom Color’ link. This will open up a color picker where you can manually select a color. You can also use this to type in a hex code. If you change your mind and want to go back to the default text color, just click the ‘Clear’ button below the color options: Pro Tip: If you want to change the background color for a block, you can do that here too. Changing the Text Color of a Word or Phrase What if you only want to change the color of one or two words?  » Read More

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