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How to Become a Graphic Designer Without Going to UniversityStudying at a university has undeniable benefits. While pursuing a degree from a university can open many doors for you concerning a career, it might not always offer what you are looking for. Expanding the spectrum of knowledge can be difficult for students who go to a university due to workload. From your written assignments to working a part-time job, learning a new skill might be difficult. It is difficult, but surely not impossible. With that the time that you save, you can learn something new, such as graphic design. At Writing Metier, we are confident that in this advance world, learning about technology is an important skill set that people should start adopting. From learning about Excel to Photoshop and, of course, graphic design, these elements, if not all, should be a part of your CV. While you may not have studied graphic design at school, you can still give this route a shot without the need of going to a university.With everything available on the Internet and of course, books as well, learning a skill you are passionate about has become quite attainable. Before we help you know how to become a graphic designer without going to university, you first need to understand what a graphic designer does. A graphic designer is the one whose responsibility is to design visual concepts by using software or a computer; they need to communicate the ideas graphically that capture the attention of consumers. The importance of a graphic designer can be gathered from how no business in the world progresses without visual communication; communication which includes fliers, business cards, logos, e-banners, and so on. So, now that you have an idea, here are some steps for you to follow: 1 – Build the foundation of your understanding You do not learn how to read without understanding the alphabet, correct? The same goes for when you have to learn something new, such as graphic design. Step number 1 would be to learn how to draw. If you already have a firm grip on drawing, then start practising. Spend 30 minutes daily towards drawing something. Master this art and make you’re your final product is something that can be presented in front of huge labels one day. Once you think you know the basics, move onto step number 2. Step number 2 is to learn about graphic design theory. Know what it is like to design with a grid, what colours you need to use, and what is typography. Now comes step number 3, learn how to write. Of course, every graphic requires a text; could be their logo or their tagline. You need to understand your audience and create a suitable text concerning your product and the audience. With these steps, your understanding and foundation can be said to be strong. Now come the other essential tasks you need to adopt. Keep yourself motivated. You will surely get to the end and achieve the goal you are looking for.2 – Master the softwareAdobe Illustrator: Before you jump to Adobe Photoshop, you need to begin with Adobe Illustrator. Start by watching tutorials and reading blogs. Go through all the basics, start practising by investing some time in the software. Adobe Photoshop: Once you master Illustrator, jump to the big gun, being Adobe Photoshop. Again, the Internet is filled with tutorials and blogs. Follow the pages with the best views and reputation. Understand the tips and the technicalities. You might find more software on the Internet, and they might be used as alternatives. However, brands and businesses demand Adobe, given how the software offers ample features. So, you should better start with the software you will eventually end up learning due to demand.With graphic designing comes computer applications and software,…

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