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Did you ever ask this question? How much a UX designer earn around the World? I did ‘Google’ that very same question recently for a personal/career life change that is about to happen. I decided to share this reliable source I have found from PingPong who have built a site titled: It’s a helpful overview to learn more about how our job is recognized all over the globe. It’s very insightful and I would like to add a note they are other factors to consider other than the salary. Make your own research and ask around but know is a good starter to be mindful on your search. In their words We asked 3034 UX designers in 102 countries how much they get paid. Here’s what they said… More Links Did you know? Average salary for a UX designer in Morocco is $1,006 per year? Average salary for a UX designer in Japan is $74,401 per year? Global average for a UX designer by country The average salary across 102 countries is $54,588, with the highest average being in $102,614 in Switzerland. Image | Global average for a UX designer by years of experience Here’s how the average salary changes as more experience is gained. Image | Some facts Some of our crowd-sourced data are 1-2 years old. Even though there are differences in 2016 and 2017 years averages… After confirming your submission, we auto-calculate the averages. Our calculations uses live currency conversion rates to turn local currency submissions into USD for easier comparison. About PingPong/UX Designer Salaries UX Designer Salaries is built by PingPong. They have a general interest in transparency and salaries in the UX industry. PingPong is a platform where you can take care of all your moderated user interview needs in one place: from recruitment to payouts. More Links URL Out – – abduzeedo.comDate – 2019-06-25 17:16:40

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