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The Creative Independent archive page The Creative Independent started by publishing a single story each weekday. Now more than one story might go up in a day, but they still keep their mandate simple: each weekday, at least one piece about creating is added to the site, and you can get it delivered right to your inbox. Before TCI launched, Stosuy said they weren’t buying into the “hype cycle,” as in he didn’t want to talk to someone just because they had a new album coming out. He wanted to take unorthodox entry points into talking about their creative process and careers as a whole. Making such bold decisions about when and what to publish is enabled by Kickstarter funding, which allows TCI to survive ad-free. Most of the site’s traffic in September 2019 was direct (39.6%) or from search (31.1%), and 86.6% of TCI’s referrals come from TCI’s archive is comprised of Q&As (either interviews or short-form), personal essays, guides, answers to reader-submitted questions, and tips. The interviews are the most common format, and always have the headline “[artist] on [topic]”, which cuts to the chase on which creator is being interviewed and what the main takeaway of the conversation will be (it’s also great SEO). TCI will sometimes group content under a Focus, such as “Creating Your Own Opportunities,” a post that collects interviews, guides, and tips under one introduction post. The Focus is usually an SEO-friendly phrase that a reader might seek out, such as “Building a community” or “Engaging politically.” The blog has only published 20 of these since May 2018, but it’s a clever way of grouping content into a super-article of resources, rather than just leaving them under one tag in hopes that your readers might notice it. This method of grouping would be a smart way for companies to organize their content. uses a similar method with their “Issues,” where each themed collection of pieces is released at the same time, like a magazine issue. URL Out – – medium.comDate – 2019-11-13 19:11:48

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