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12 August, 2019 Voice-controlled UX is the latest trend in the UI/UX design market. With more voice-controlled devices like Apple Home Pod, Amazon Echo, Google Home, the customer’s expectations are soaring up high. Voice-controlled UI has improved the overall customer’s experiences in using websites and mobile apps and take them to the next level of technology. The IT and Tech Giants around the world like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook have all developed voice-controlled assistants and 1 in 5 people in the UX uses smart appliances and household items that are voice-controlled.    What users can do with a voice command? Voice-controlled UX has a huge potential in setting the trend and is widely accepted and loved by users and customers all around the world. Here is a list of things users can do with voice-controlled commands: Voice-controlled search The first and most common use of voice-controlled UI is the voice-controlled searches. Users usually prefer a voice-controlled search instead of typing their queries.     Appointment booking Voice assistants are often used to help the users’ book appointment. Once the user tells the assistant to book an appointment, the voice assistant searches for the available slots and asks which slot is the most convenient one. Once confirmed by the user, it goes ahead and books the appointment. Order food and other products Online ordering is easier with voice-controlled UI. Users can simply mention the items they wish to order and placement of the order is done by voice control. Stream news or music With voice-controlled UI, live streaming of news and music of choice can be done.  Turning on and off smart devices and appliances Users often use voice commands to turn on and off various smart devices such as home appliances, lights, fans. This helps the users to control their smart home devices even while they are away from their house.     Set timers and alarms Setting alarms and timers is often done by users with voice control. Hence, even if people are busy with some other work, they are able to set timers and alarms just with voice control. Set reminders and to-do list Extensive list-making can be done easily. While users are making their “things to do” list or “items to buy” list, they can simply speak out and dictate the list instead of writing them down.  Read more: UX Trends that Should Dominate in 2019 Voice-controlled UI has offered customers an exclusive experience that they can enjoy while using websites and mobile apps. Voice control is a next-generation technology and customers all over the world enjoy using voice control experiences. Many mobile app development companies and working on fine-tuning this technology and are using it widely in their mobile apps and websites.  URL Out – – nextbrain.studioDate – 2019-10-09 21:09:36

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